Honey through history

honey history

The oldest known intact book of medicine, the Papyrus Ebers (15 BC), houses over 800 remedies--over HALF of which call for honey. Hippocrates employed honey in many of his treatments and once said, "Wine and Honey are held to be the best things for human beings, so long as they are administered appropriately and with moderation to both the well and the sick in accordance with their constitution; they are beneficial both alone and mixed. In Chinese medicine, Shen Nong (2 BC) wrote that honey "helps to kill pain and relieves internal heat and fever and is useful to many diseases. It may be mixed with many herbal medicines. If taken regularly, one's memory may be improved, good health ensues, and one may feel neither too hungry nor decrepit."

Some quotes about bee's :

"If the dew is warmed by rays of the sun, not honey but drugs are produced, heavenly gifts for the eyes, for ulcers and the internal organs." -Pliny the Elder, 79 AD
"The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth." -Ecclesiasticus, 38:4
There proceedeth from their bellies a liquor of various color, wherein is medicine for man." -Qu'ran, 16:69 on bees


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