General honey information

Mediterranean diet

When applied topically, the sugar in honey creates osmotic pressure within certain foreign cell bodies and shrivels them to death. The sugar also feeds the hardworking white blood cells. Goop it on-- the honey creates a thick, sterile bandage. Why Keep Honey in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Sore Throat/Cough -gargle with warm water, honey, and Himalayan salt
Open Wounds, Skin Infections, Burns -apply to cleaned wound as a salve. Change up to 3x/day. Read this for clinical studies on wounds.
Less Wrinkles -Apply as a mask and leave on for 20 mins. Humectant and draws out impurities
Dry/Tired Eyes/Night Blindness -Sounds scary, right? But it's supposed to work. Apply a lil honey under lid.
Anemia -Eat some.
Stomach Ulcers -Kills H. Pylori bacteria. Take internally.
Staph infections -kills staphylococcus
Allergies -eat local honey to adapt to pollen


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