Best food for parts of your body

Mediterranean diet Health Effects

What are the best foods for strong lungs, what should you eat to increase your fertility, what are super foods for great skin? Learn the best foods for every system of your body and shield the eating!

In lungs and respiratory

Garlic, onion , grape, mint and sage, citrus fruits, kiwi, broccoli , green peppers, apricots , mango, carrots , peppers , spinach, wheat germ , almonds, peanuts , tomatoes, seafood.

To the reproductive system

Eggs, pumpkin , sesame, tahini , olive oil, almonds , peanuts, green vegetables.

For skin

Avocado , apple, cucumber , tomato , salmon , nuts , citrus fruits, eggs , legumes , soy, carrots , lean meat, poultry.

For stomach

Spinach , celery , yogurt , beets , parsley , papaya , white rice , bananas

For nervous system

Fish, celery , brewer's yeast , eggs, celery , carrots , plums , hops, nuts , chicken , bananas, dark chocolate

For circulatory and pressure

Garlic , brewer's yeast , whole grains , olive oil , peas , beans , Brussels sprouts , green beans, whole wheat bread , rye , corn

For bone and skeleton

Sesame tahini , celery , tuna, spinach , milk, yogurt , cheese , green vegetables, eggs, sardines

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